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‘I have that I may give’ is reflected upon daily at Tudor Hall, with one of the most powerful haves being the safe yet inspiring home and foundation Tudor Hall boarders and day girls enjoy.

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Being a boarder at Tudor Hall offers a home away from home; the opportunity to develop independence and life skills under the care and guidance of house staff who are experts in the needs of their year group, whilst developing life skills and lifelong friendships.

Our horizontal boarding structure, with girls living with their year groups, provides an environment where boarders develop a strong sense of loyalty and inclusivity through community living.

Boarders develop confidence in meeting life’s challenges, learning to thrive in a safe environment. Having responsibility for their daily lives means that they learn self-discipline, resourcefulness and self-reliance, making decisions for themselves and taking responsibility for them, whilst being supported by our wider pastoral team.

Girls at Tudor Hall are individuals; no two year groups are the same. Each girl is known and valued; they are recognised, celebrated and made to feel a part of the Tudor community. Through living in a diverse community, they develop empathy, learning diplomacy and compromise, and how to care and support each other with kindness. Never is this more apparent than in the boarding community at Tudor, where pupils have rich experiences, build strong friendships and live life to the full.

Of course, time at home is important for boarders, and there is one long exeat each half term (two in the first half of the Autumn Term), which run from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. Especially during the first few years of boarding, we recognise that the younger girls may benefit from additional time at home to help them to settle in and adjust to boarding life. Other than closed weekends, which fall at the start and end of term, girls in Todd, IIs and IIIs are able to take six additional short exeats over the year, leaving on Saturday after their commitments and returning to school on Sunday evening. The IVs and Vs are permitted to take five short exeats over the year. 

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Boarding and day school.
Girls 11 - 18.
Tudor Hall, Wykham Park, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 9UR