Welcome to Sixth Form


The years you spend in the Sixth Form promise to be the most exciting and enjoyable time of your school career. There exists a wealth of possibilities to help you to develop into an assertive, aware and mature young person ready to move onto the next stage of your life with confidence.

Academically, the hard work starts from day one, but as you are studying the subjects that you have chosen, this should be enjoyable and rewarding. Subject teachers are there to support you through your studies by inspiring you with their infectious enthusiasm for their subject and helping you to further develop your skills as an independent learner.   

Whilst a strong work ethic is vital, it is important that you take advantage of the abundance of activities that exist outside the classroom. Wherever your interest may lie, there is an avenue open for you to pursue it. Even better, why not share your passion with others? If such an avenue doesn’t exist, then you have the potential to create it.

At times, life in the Sixth Form will be challenging. Whenever you encounter a problem, we will encourage you to rise to the challenge it presents and learn to overcome it on your terms. Your tutor is the first person to talk to in such circumstances, but all of our pastoral team is committed to encouraging you to gain self-awareness by helping you to develop your emotional intelligence.
As befits your heightened status within school, you will have more freedom. However, with privileges come responsibilities and duties. In the Sixth Form you play a vital role within school and beyond. You are a role model and a leader. You are looked up to by the younger members of our community and you are expected to set the right example at all times. Throughout your time in the Sixth Form, there will be occasions where you will be required to take on ambassadorial roles and it is essential that you undertake these with good humour. Be prepared to give something back, whether it is to the school community or beyond. You will derive a great deal of personal satisfaction by embracing these responsibilities and giving them your all.

Enjoy your time in the Sixth Form. Work hard, play hard and make the most of all the opportunities that come your way!

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Our next Sixth Form Open Day will take place in September 2018. Please contact admissions@tudorhallschool.com to reserve your place or to book an individual visit.

Mr I Edwards 
Assistant Head (Sixth Form)