Sixth Form Boarding


Boarding in the sixth form is a great preparation for university. Girls usually have twin rooms in the Lower Sixth and single rooms in the Upper Sixth.

New girls share with a girl who has been in the school a while and can help them make friends and find their way around. There are cookers in several kitchens and the housemistresses guide the girls through a series of easy recipes which are nutritious and quick to prepare. There are also washing machines so that girls can do their own laundry.

In the sixth form boarding house there are few compulsory trips, but rather a range of activities and events chosen by the girls. At weekends girls may go into Banbury or Oxford or home to visit parents. Saturday and Sunday evenings are usually community times when the girls get together to watch their favourite TV show and relax. At other times they use the library, the dedicated sixth form art and textiles room or their own rooms to work on their AS/A levels and a range of extra-curricular activities.

Inglis (LVI) 16+

Moving into the sixth form is an exciting new phase of life, where new and existing girls make a fresh start together on their journey towards adulthood. Inglis is a modern, purpose-built block, linked to the UVI house. We recognise that girls of this age are moving towards greater independence. We aim to create a “half-way house” between a family home and a university hall of residence, where girls can begin to manage their lives in a safe and nurturing environment. Girls are accommodated in comfortable, twin-bedded study rooms. They have a common room and a laundry room, kitchen and dining area, which enable them to develop life skills needed for university. There is a grassy quad, where girls sit outside at weekends in nice weather and where house barbecues are held.

Girls have the opportunity to serve on the Sixth Form House Council, which influences trips, activities and the general running of the house. Typical weekend activities include trips to West End musicals, socials with boys’ schools, meals out and the cinema, in addition to in-house cookery sessions, barbecues and tea parties. There are also subject-based activities such as visits to art galleries and in-house workshops. Most girls seize the opportunity to participate in programmes such as Tudor in Four Continents, Model United Nations, Duke of Edinburgh and Young Enterprise. Many remain committed to sport and participate in weekend matches. LVI girls are allowed to go to Banbury or Oxford in small groups or home for lunch at the weekend. They also have two privilege weekends per term, when they can visit their families or friends.

What do the girls say?

We have more independence, but the house staff are never far away when we need them.  Olivia

In the 6th form, the dorms are really nice and modern. We get a really big desk each which is really good for our increased workload. It feels a lot like it would at university, so I think that this gets us used to what it will be like. These have been my favourite dorms throughout the school, as they feel a lot more mature and grown up.  Tilly

I love the kitchen because it is not only a place to cook but also a place to socialise. It allows me to cook the food I like with my friends, preparing me for university  Sophie

My mum loves the fact that we have washing machines because it teaches me to be independent and means I don't bring dirty washing home at the weekend!  Lily

Inglis (16+) Housestaff

Inglis house is named after a former Headmistress.

Julie Gunning LVI Housemistress

I have worked in education for around 20 years in which time I have worked in several areas such as behaviour support, exams and assessment and development. Finally about 7 years ago I became a Housemistress; my absolute dream job! 

I love being with the girls and I am passionate about making sure they all have a great time in lower sixth. My door is always open; whether you want advice on how to use the washing machine, to chat through university courses, tell me about your driving lessons or just spend time together in the evening chatting about your day. In Inglis we eat a lot of ice cream, drink a lot of hot chocolate and enjoy a variety of movies together.

Inglis House is a fantastic place to live. The boarding team in sixth form work hard to ensure that whilst girls can enjoy the greater sense of freedom and responsibility, they still benefit from a warm home from home environment that provides excellent pastoral care.

Along with my responsibilities in the house I am also the Extra-Curricular co-ordinator for the whole school and I support the LVI charity prefects in their fundraising ventures. 

My spare time is spent working with upcoming musicians as a tour manager or booking agent; I also regularly visit my friends and family back in Cumbria and Yorkshire and during the long summer months I love to sail around the west coast of Scotland or even take off on an overseas adventure. 
I have one son; he lives in Oxford and works at the Ashmoleum and Natural History museums, so he gets to meet the girls from Tudor Hall quite regularly!

Bev Murphy LVI Deputy Housemistress

I have been working in pastoral for over 14 years, working across the age range, either as a boarding housemistress, or a form tutor. Being at Tudor is all about being part of the community and it is a real joy to be able to support the girls in all that they do. I am also the Head of Junior History and after many years supporting students in the classroom, have recently joined the Learning Support Department. 

Ashtons (17+) Housestaff

Kate Hart UVI Housemistress

I have been extremely fortunate as I started my career at Tudor Hall as an NQT, and my role has developed considerably over the past thirteen years, offering me new and exciting challenges. My positions as Head of Textiles, Head of Tudor House and Ashtons housemistress have allowed me to combine the love of my subject with my pastoral strengths.

In January 2010 I began my tenure as UVI Housemistress. This was a role I was keen to take on as I had known for a while I wanted my career to follow the pastoral path. Building strong relationships and nurturing each individual girl has been a highly rewarding experience for me. Managing a year group of 54 girls, where achieving success is paramount takes great organisation, careful planning and excellent communication skills. I feel my ability to inspire and encourage, whilst diffusing stress and anxiety is one of my greatest strengths.

As the UVI Housemistress I encourage the girls to become more independent, preparing them well for life after school. For the majority of our students this entails applying for university, so I offer support and advice with UCAS applications as well as references and personal statements. As a textiles teacher I am well placed to advise students following a more creative path to art foundation or creative degrees.

Since starting at Tudor Hall, my husband and I are lucky to now have two children, Max aged six and Isabella aged two. They both love being part of the boarding community and the variety it brings. I feel the girls we look after benefit greatly from growing up as part of our extended family, learning and observing the roles and dynamics of working parents.

Joan Shaw UVI Deputy Housemistress

I have thrown myself into the challenges and excitements in the role of UVI deputy housemistress. I love being involved in the pastoral side of the school; it is a great privilege to support the girls at such an important stage of their lives. I am young and enthusiastic and enjoy being able to spend time with the girls either helping them with their studies or by relaxing and catching up on the latest TV shows. It is a great pleasure to be able to guide students through their UCAS applications; it really is an exciting time for the girls!

I am lucky enough to have my own canine companions with me which also give the girls great pleasure. There is nothing better than a good canine cuddle and walk at the end of a stressful day either for the girls or for me!