The Vs (15+)


The Vs’ boarding house is the home to all year 11 girls at Tudor Hall.

The main focus in the Vs’ boarding house is to create a positive and comfortable atmosphere in order to allow each girl to work to their full potential. The girls are allowed to work in their dorms throughout the day during free periods as well as during prep sessions. This allows the girls to develop and use their independent learning skills.

In the Vs’ we also value the importance of extracurricular activities in the boarding house and encourage all of the girls to partake in such. It is always fantastic to see how talented our girls are in and out of the classroom, and we want to encourage them on all accounts. We run weekend activities on Saturday nights and Sundays throughout all three terms give the girls a break from their very busy timetables. We understand that it is imperative to have a healthy balance of work and play in order to succeed on all levels.

What do the girls think?

I feel like I have more independence in the Vs. It seems like we have grown closer as a year with all of the academic pressure. We all help each other through it! Jazzy

I really enjoy when we have Saturday night movie and snack nights! We also have time to have fun on trips such as paintballing and trips to Daylesford Farm. All of the teachers are really supportive and it’s great to have so many staff helping us in the boarding houses in the evening. Charisse

I love how in the Vs we are given more freedom and can work in the house. There is a friendly atmosphere and there always seems to be lots to do! Having extracurricular activities can make the schoolwork seem less stressful. Jess

Miss Jones Vs Housemistress

My name is Nicola Jones and this is my fifth year at Tudor Hall. I was the deputy house mistress in the Vs for three years before becoming house mistress. Before coming to Tudor, I trained as an actress and worked in musical theatre. I also have a Masters degree in Theology and Religious Studies from Durham University which I combined with being involved in theatre, music and my college charity committee.

As well as drama and singing, I also play the cello and ukulele (and the piano, but very badly!). I’m an avid baker and sewer and find that both activities are excellent with a cup of tea. I enjoy reading plays and going to all kinds of theatre, from opera to ballet to Shakespeare to stand-up comedy. In my spare time I am member of a musical theatre company in Oxford and I enjoy performing in shows with them. I have Corgi called Diggle who is always pottering about the house and cleaning up the common room for me!

Debbie Sellers Vs Deputy Housemistress

I arrived at Tudor Hall in November this year and am really enjoying life in the Vs house.  For the past 16 years, I have been a History teacher and boarding house tutor in schools both in England and abroad.  This year at Tudor I am taking a break from the classroom and looking after the Outdoor Education programme, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, but am always more than happy to help out in house with a bit of GCSE History whenever needed.

In my spare time, I enjoy sport, playing the piano, and singing, and will take any chance I get to top up on East African sunshine and friendships.  I also love the excuse to get out for a walk, particularly if it involves hills and mountains. For down time, there’s nothing better than collapsing in front of the Bake-Off with a cup of tea, although going on theatre trips to Oxford for Miss Jones’ latest production comes a very close second.