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Fri Feb 12 2016

Surprise for Harriet Granville

The OTA held a surprise lunch to mark Harriet Granville’s retirement as Deputy Headmistress on Saturday 19th November. 220 guests, comprising OTs from Harriet’s 40 years at Tudor and former staff, enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Dining Room. Speeches were given by Wendy Griffiths, Sandra Blakey and OTs - Dede Sanderson and Katie Mills. The star of the party, Harriet, rounded off the happy occasion by speaking of her time at Tudor. Much laughter and reminiscing raised the roof of the Dining Room!


A thank you from Harriet.

We had a wonderful party at Tudor on 19th November at which Wendy presented me with the most generous cheque from you all. I simply cannot wait to choose where I shall take my holiday of a lifetime with Edward’s new company, Red Savannah, run by George Morgan Grenville who is married to Caroline Sparrow. It only launched in November, but it is wonderful that you are supporting home-grown industries.

It was a complete surprise to discover 150 OTs joining 70 staff for lunch; you did so well keeping the secret. Champagne flowed, with haute cuisine and wines, wonderful speeches by Sandra Blakey, Damaris Sanderson, Katie Mills and Wendy Griffiths vividly evoking times past and present. I felt completely humbled by so much friendship and support.   India sang, the Bournes played throughout and it was almost impossible to talk to everyone which was the only sad part of the day. I left with a lovely card signed by many and with a sense of enormous happiness. I am so glad it is not retirement but just a new beginning and a return to the history classroom where I feel most at home.

Many of you sent such lovely emails and cards but could not come. Thank you, you brought back some amazing memories; gin and tonic to calm nerves would be seen as most politically incorrect today and all recalled such happy times.

I am so deeply grateful for your generosity and kind words. I shall so enjoy thinking about where to go and what to do when I get there, but I have many pros in the family to guide me. Rest assured, I shall let you know how fantastic it was on my return. Until then I shall get infinite pleasure from planning the experience. Thank you ALL so very much and please keep in touch. There is always a meal and a bed in Stourton.

Harriet Granville