An introduction to our staff at Tudor Hall

Headmistress, Wendy Griffiths
Bursar & Clerk to the Governors, Neil Urquhart
Deputy Head, Emma Bell
Deputy Head (Pastoral), Kate Simlett
Head of Sixth Form, David Beaumont
Director of Staff, Susie Jeffreys
Director of Studies, Lucy Keyte
Director of Co-Curriculum, Sadie Lapper

Boarding Coordinator, Jackie Webb
Ashtons Housemistress, Lucy Pickford
Ashtons Deputy Housemistress, Chrissie Wild
Inglis Housemistress, Jennifer Ranson
Inglis Deputy Housemistress, Ceri Angell
Vs Housemistress, Pippa Duncan-Jones
Vs Deputy Housemistress, Anya Diaz-Cebreiro
IVs Housemistress, Sarah Belcher
IVs Deputy Housemistress, Caroline Rimmer
IIIs Housemistress, Lucinda Burton-Sims
IIIs Deputy Housemistress, Danielle Facey
IIs Housemistress,  Sarah Neale
IIs Deputy Housemistress, Camille Garnon
Todd Housemistress, Elizabeth Buckner-Rowley
Todd Deputy Housemistress, Lauren Nightingale
Boarding support, Penny Davies
Boarding support, Carol Edginton
Boarding support, Susan Jenkins
Boarding support, Rachael Knapman

School Chaplain, Alison Richardson
School Counsellor, Mahwish Qamar
School Counsellor, Sarah Whitehouse

PA to the Headmistress, Jennifer Lewis
PA to the Deputy Head, Liz Malone
PA to Deputy Head (Pastoral), Kate Greaves
Data Manager, Brian Wray
Examinations Officer, Allison Colls
Senior Administrative Secretary, Helen Mascall
Administrative Secretary, Peggy Snowden
Administrative Secretary, Katie Donald
Administrative Secretary - Music, Joanne Twelvetrees
Administrative Secretary - PE, Rachael Knapman
Educational Visits Coordinator, Alex Simlett
Travel Administrator, Marilyn Harris

Registrar, Philippa Drinkwater
Admissions Secretary, Fiona Gaskin
Director of Marketing, Laura Greenwood
Community & Events Officer, Rebecca Butler
Communications Manager, Annabelle Coombs
Marketing Assistant, Nicola Mawle
Finance Manager, Kenneth Iredale
Compliance Manager, Nicole Hamilton
Finance Assistant, Diane Cook
Finance Assistant, Louise Sollis
Administration Assistant (Bursary), Carol Edginton

Head of Development & Alumnae Relations, Rachel Graves
Development & Alumnae Relations Office Administrator, Rachael Roberts
Alumnae Communications Manager, Lindsay Silver

Property Services Manager, Ben Stowe
Head Gardener, Andrew Crompton
Facilities Administrator, Caroline Thomas
Domestic Services Manager, Linda Tubb

ICT Systems & Network Manager, Paul Smith
ICT Systems Engineer, Luke Harris
ICT Technician, Melanie Bolton

CDT Technician, Martin Bolton
Science Technician, Linda Stone
Science Technician, Sarah Carolan
Textiles Technician, Amy Harris

Librarian, Lara Price

School Doctor, Dr Nicola Elliott
Nurse-in-Charge, Janet Bonham, RGN
Nurse, Caroline Hutchison, RGN
Nurse, Lindsey Pickering, RGN

David Beaumont, BSc (Lancaster), PGCE (Herts), Mathematics
Emma Bell, MA (Oxon), PGCE (London), History
Jo Benlalam, BMus, AKC, PGCE (London), Head of Careers, Head of Academic Music
Amy Bird, BA (Northampton), PGCE (UWE, Bristol), Photography
Elizabeth Buckner-Rowley, BA (Portsmouth), PGCE (Leeds), Spanish
Lucinda Burton-Sims, BA (Leeds), PGDipEd (Birmingham), PSHEE
Daniel Carrington, BSc (Hull), Learning Support
Alan Christopher, MA (Essex), BTEC (Kingshurst), HND (Coventry), Drama
Jason Conduct, BSc (UCL), PGCE (Sussex), Head of Science and Physics
Iona Corbett, MA (Dundee), PGCE (MMU), Business Studies
Sheila Craske, BA (Oxon), PGCE (MMU), Head of Art
Lindsey Cullen, MA (Oxon), Head of Classics, Head of Lower School
Emma Dathan, BSc (De Montfort), PGCE (Liverpool), Head of Netball
Bernard D'Souza, BA (Nottingham Trent), PGCE (Warwick), Mathematics
Jane Drake, CertEd (Bedford), Head of Food and Nutrition
Gerard Duncan, PGDSST, BPE (University of Otago, New Zealand), Physical Education
Pippa Duncan-Jones, BSc (Loughborough), PGCE (Leeds), Physical Education
Ian Edwards, BSc (Newcastle), PGCE (UEA), Mathematics, Academic Administrator
Lauren Ellis, BA (Leeds Metropolitan), PGCE (Edge Hill), Director of Sport
Danielle Facey, BA (Birmingham), PGCE (City of Birmingham), English 
Becky Flynn, BA (University College, Swansea), PGCE (University of Bedfordshire), Psychology
Sara Fordy, BA (Winchester), PGCE (Oxon), Head of Textiles
Jonathan Galloway, BA (Middx), PGCE (London), Head of Philosophy, Theology and Ethics
Alison Gamble, MA (London), CPE Law, Head of Senior History & Politics
Marie Genot, MA (Provence, France), PGCE (UWE), French/Spanish
Shazia Gleadall, BA (Birmingham), PGCE (Chester), Head of KS3 Religious Studies
Victoria Gross, BA (Brunel), PGCE (Middlesex), Head of Design and Technology
Elizabeth Gulliver, BA (Oxon), Head of Learning Support, Psychology
Kerri Hadfield, BA (Leeds), PGCE (Canterbury), Head of Geography
Louise Harper, BA (Dunelm), PGCE (Oxon), Head of KS3 Geography, Head of Year III
Matthew Harper, BA (Oxon), PGCE (Warwick), French/Spanish
Marilyn Harris, BA (London), PGCE (Bulmershe), French
Kate Hart, BA (MMU), PGCE (Birmingham), Head of PSHEE
Susie Jeffreys, BSc (Plymouth), PGCE (Exeter), Geography (maternity leave)
Monica Jimenez, BA (La Rioja, Spain), PGCE (Canterbury), Head of Spanish
Kathryn Joel, BA (Warwick), DELTA, TESOL, EAL Coordinator
Matthew Kent, BA (Keele), MA, PGDip Ed (Birmingham), 2 i/c English
Kate Kettlewell, BVSc (Bristol), PGCE (Oxon), Biology
Lucy Keyte, BA (Nottingham), PGCE (Warwick), French
Rachael Knapman, Netball Level 1 Coach (UKCC), Netball
Sadie Lapper, BSc (Worcester), PGCert (Gloucester), MSc (Oxford Brookes), Physical Education
Lindsey Lea-James, BMus, LTCL, ALCM, PGCE (Huddersfield), Director of Music
James Long, BA, PGCE (Liverpool), Head of Hockey
Victoria Marsh, BSc (Keele), PGCE (Exeter), Head of Mathematics
Steven Mavromichalis, BSc (UCL), PGCE (Oxon), Head of Biology
Bev Murphy, BA (Wales), MA, PhD, PGCE (UEA), Head of Junior History
Sarah Neale, BA (Worcester), Dance (maternity leave)
Lauren Nightingale, BA (Brighton), Physical Education, Dance
Pervin Özkan, Licence (Tours, France), PGCE (Exeter), Head of French
Charlotte Pemble, BSc, PGCE (Worcester), 2 i/c Physical Education
Jonitha Peterpillai, BSc, (Warwick) MSc, PGCE (Oxon), 2 i/c Mathematics 
Ryan Pickering, NPLQ, NUCO, Sporting Facilities & Physical Education
Jack Prentice, BSc (Central Lancashire), PGCE (Warwick), Head of Chemistry
Bob Roberts, BA, MA (Warwick), PGCE (Lancaster), Head of English
Bronwen Robinson, BEd (Worcester), Dip PE, Dance
Ian Robinson, BEng, PGCE (Lancaster), Physics
Kate Simlett, MSc (Loughborough), Physical Education
Amelia Simonow, BA (Nottingham), MA (Courtauld), PGCE (Cape Town), Head of History of Art
Catherine Simpson, BA, GDL, MPhil (Cantab), PGCE (Belfast), English
Elizabeth Smith, CertEd (Nottingham), Learning Support
Rachel Smith, BA (Wales), PGCE (Leicester), Head of Psychology
James Stead, BA (Cumbria), PGCE (Wales), Art
Justine Stephens, BA (London), PGCE (Middx), Head of Drama, Head of Year IV
Suzanne Stock, BA (Reading), Learning Support
Holly Thomas, BA (Bath), PGCE (Coventry), Head of Modern Languages
Richard Thompson, MA (Oxon), PGCE (London), Head of Economics, Head of Business Studies
Julia Thorn, BA (Reading), MSt (Oxon), Classics
Henry Vigne, BA (London), MA (Kent), History, Home Economics
James Wakeley, BSc (OU), PGCE (Bath), Computing & IT
Rebecca Warrington, BA (MMU), MA, PGCE (Middx), Textiles
Chrissie Wild, BA, PGCE (Manchester School of Art), Photography
Helen Wilks, PhD (Bristol), PGCE (Warwick), Chemistry
Layla Williams, BA (London), PGCE (De Montfort), Dance
James Woodward, BSc (Wales), PGCE (Exeter), Biology, Head of Year V


Helen Fryer, Lacrosse
Ginny Steven, Ballet

Godwin Abah
Shola Adebisi
Mark Boden
Pamela Eagles
Lee Morton

Kubra Özkan, French Assistant
Belen Sainz-Pardo, Spanish
Jeanne Lebas, Language Assistant

Karina Bell, Harp
Bob Evans, Brass
James Foley, Guitar
Sarah Haigh, Singing
Kim Keeble, Oboe
Victoria Matarasso, Violin and Viola
Cliff Pick, Percussion
Kate Pickin, Piano
Miranda Ricardo, Cello and Piano
Beverley Savidge, Singing
Elisabeth Sharam, Flute
Deborah Siepmann, Piano
Kayleigh Skinner, Singing 
Lucy Tugwell, Clarinet and Saxophone
Chris Windass, Violin

Susie Lowe, Speech and Drama
Pippa Phillips, Speech and Drama


Molly Green
Emily Milne
Katie Ord