Subjects you can study


Girls are able to choose from 27 subjects on offer in the Sixth Form. Girls typically study three A Levels and can choose from the following:

You are also able to study the following subjects in the Sixth Form:

Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), completed in the Upper Sixth, represents the culmination of our academic work at Tudor Hall. This optional qualification, completed alongside A levels, is desired by universities, and demonstrates that our senior learners can plan, manage and critically review a project, or essay, of five thousand words.

Every girl researching an EPQ has a personal supervisor. The supervisor’s job is to ask the right questions to challenge the student to raise her game for herself. It is evident to us that students who follow the EPQ transfer the confidence and skills learned here to their wider studies.

Recent projects include: 

  • An evaluation of India’s polio eradication programme 
  • An enquiry into how far Henry VIII’s palaces were an expression of his power 
  • To what extent was the social structure of the Neanderthals the reason for their extinction? 
  • To what extent have artificial reefs proven successful as a method of coral reef conservation? 
  • How has music consumption changed between 1990 and 2014?


Through being shown a wide range of professional practical cooking methods and being taught the associated theory, the primary aim of this course is to provide students with a vital life skill for independent living which, should they so choose, could open up areas of possible employment. Students will gain the confidence to cook by making judgements on the ingredients they buy, the dishes they put together in their menus, and the methods they use to cook and serve the food to achieve the best results. By the end of the course, students should be able to show that they can produce specified dishes to the required standard under timed conditions using professional methods.

On completion of the course candidates achieve a basic professional qualification which, if successful, will enable them to potentially gain employment in the food industry during their gap years perhaps or it may even be the starting point of a career as a Chef! We are therefore looking for high levels of commitment to the course. Vegetarians should consider the course very carefully as we will be handling a lot of raw meat, fish and offal.

As part of the course all girls will be entered for a Basic Hygiene Certificate. This is a nationally recognised qualification in all sectors of the food industry. Girls who successfully complete the course will be eligible to join the ‘Leiths List’. Students can contact them if they are looking for work in the Gap year or during university holidays.

Leiths School plan and monitor the certificate. A senior member of Leiths staff will introduce the course to the girls and several visits are made during the five terms. On the final visit the girls will be assessed through a practical test. They will also sit a 1½ hour theory examination.

The cost of this exclusive course will be £2,000, which can be added to your school bill over a five term period.


In the Sixth Form the following GCSEs are offered:

  • Performing Arts (Dance)
    There are no pre-requisites for this course, but previous experience gained through contemporary dance and jazz clubs would be beneficial. The examination is taken at the end of the UVI.
  • Italian
    These may be available dependent on demand.
  • Ancient Greek
    The GCSE will be taught from scratch over the two years of the Sixth Form. The papers are a mixture of language, literature and culture.