Meet The Pastoral Team


The team is led by the Deputy Head (Pastoral) Rani Tandon. 

I joined Tudor in 2006, having taught for 16 years in Manchester. I am a total convert to boarding and the time it allows us to develop such positive relationships within the community. It  gives me real joy to watch the girls in our care turn into the most magnificent young women and to be part of their lives as they grow and develop. I teach History, Politics and PSHE and feel honoured to have found a vocation which brings me so much pleasure.

Health Centre

The Health Centre has a vital role in caring for both the the physical and emotional wellbeing of the girls. The Health Centre is staffed 24 hours a day by a team of Registered Nurses. 

Janet Bonham, Sister in Charge.  
Sister Bonham is responsible for the smooth running of the health centre, and organises travel vaccinations.

Lindsay Pickering, Sister.
Sister Pickering has extensive background in emergency medicine and childhood immunisations.

Caroline Hutchison, Sister.
Sister Hutchison's special interests include mental health and smoking advice.

They are ably supported by Dr Nicola Elliott who is the School Medical Officer. She runs a surgery at school each Monday and is also available at West Bar Surgery in Banbury.


We have 2 school counsellors who provide a confidential support service to the girls. They each cover one afternoon a week and girls can either self refer or be referred if they feel it would be useful to talk to someone confidentially. 

Mahwish Qamar

I am part of the pastoral team and I work alongside the school community, responding to the needs that arise, which I manage without compromising confidentiality. My work includes supporting students and staff though the counselling process, liaising when appropriate, with parents, outside agencies, and other professionals.

I believe it's normal to have feelings, and we often perform best when we can make sense of our feelings. I consider it as a strength to acknowledge emotional difficulties and seek help, and my work in school involves building resilience in everyone. There is potential in everyone to support each other and I work towards enhancing supportive skills in school so students are not only at ease with themselves, but are able to contribute to the wider society as responsible, caring and compassionate individuals.

Diana Sharp

As a highly experience UK trained Psychotherapist, I am qualified to work with children from age 5 through to adolescents and adults, tackling a range of issues.   

Having pursued further training in Child and Adolescent Counselling & Psychotherapy in the USA, I specialise in Eating Disorders and Self-harm, as well as being qualified in Child Play Therapy.

I have worked in the field for more than 20 years. As well as being a School Counsellor I practice in Harley Street, London and in Hertfordshire.



The girls and staff are supported by the School Chaplain in all areas of school life. As well as leading services and providing spiritual guidance the chaplain offers an informal, confidential listening service to all girls. 

House Staff and Tutor Team

All girls are supported by a Tutor and Housemistress. Girls are placed in a small tutor group which allows them to build close relationships and their progress, in all areas, can be monitored. Housemistresses are involved in the care of both day and boarding pupils and have a vital role to play in the team.