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Wed Feb 10 2016


We are delighted that you are considering Tudor Hall for the next stage of your daughter’s education. 

Girls join the school at 11+, 13+ or 16+ and you can register your daughter at any time. Although early registration does not necessarily confer any advantage with regard to the final allocation of places, it may be taken into account. (Please see the Admissions Policy below.)

A registration form can be downloaded here or requestedfront entrance from the Admissions Office by email admissions@tudorhallschool.com or telephone 01295 756259 and one will be posted to you. There is a registration fee of £100.

Please contact the Admissions Department if you have any questions about the admissions procedure.  

You can now download our latest inspection report below!


  1. Admissions policy
  2. Leavers' Destinations 2014
  3. Jargon Buster
  4. Registration Form 2015-2016