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Sun Feb 07 2016

A Day in the Life of a Tudorian

7.40am    The day, for a boarder, starts with breakfast.  If it is a Wednesday, all girls in any one of the houses (Tudor, Stuart, Lancaster, or York) may attend a special house breakfast while the other houses meet up for a chat and to work on their term's project. 

Wednesday house time

8.10am     After breakfast, it is time to tidy the dorms.

8.20am     Day girls arrive at school

8.20am     All girls register with their group tutors in their group rooms, where they also collect all they need for the morning from their lockers.gathering for prayers




8.30am     Every Monday and Friday mornings girls attend Prayers.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, girls are involved in group activites.



  going to morning lessons


8.50am     Lessons begin. 

11.00am   Morning break. Girls have fruit and biscuits in the dining hall. 





lunch time

1.00pm    Lunch time.  The girls make their way to the self-serve dining room any time between 12.45pm and 1.30pm. 


The rest of lunch time can be spent freely.  Girls spend the time with friends or attend one of the many clubs.


2.05pm    Afternoon registration. 

2.15pm    Afternoon lessons begin.


 going to lessons

4.25pm    Tea time.  Girls often do a variety of activites during tea time and it is up to them which activities they choose. Wednesday afternoons and tea times are especially busy as there are usually school matches as well as other clubs. 


5.10pm    Supervised prep begins in tutor rooms for the lower school and in study bedrooms for the older girls. All girls are expected to work quietly.

6.20pm    Supper time. 


After supper, day girls may go home, unless they have a club or match to attend.  Boarders take part in extra-curricular clubs and activities and can then relax in their boarding houses, dorms and common rooms until lights out, the time of which varies depending on the house. 


Sometimes there is a trip after school, although these generally take place at the weekends.  This could be to the ballet, theatre, cinema, ice-rink or sporting event. 


 And then, a good night's sleep is welcome.