Capital Projects


Tudor Hall is a well-managed and carefully financed school, but it does not have an endowment. All development and refurbishment is funded from fee income and philanthropic support. We are ambitious for the girls and want them to have the facilities they need and deserve. We rely on the support of the Tudor community to ensure Tudor Hall’s continuity as a model of all that is best about an independent, girls’ boarding school education.

Over the past ten years, the school has invested over £13 million from school income in improving the facilities at Tudor Hall. This investment has included the provision of a purpose-built dining hall and kitchen facility, extending and refurbishing the sixth form houses, covering the swimming pool, new and increased staff accommodation, refurbishing the science laboratories, refurbishment of the IVs house, new car parking facilities and, most recently, the successful redevelopment of the old squash courts into a drama studio.

The Drama Studio was Tudor Hall’s first serious foray into fundraising, and without the generosity and commitment of many parents and OTs, the project could not have gone ahead. Almost £800,000 was successfully raised to facilitate the redevelopment and the result is a state-of-the-art drama studio and teaching facility.  In the words of Justine Stephens, Head of Drama, ‘Inspired girls are a product of inspired teaching. The drama studio has enabled us to transport the girls to other worlds and immerse themselves in the magic of theatre. There is now a creative buzz surrounding drama, and the studio has provided the school with a fantastic springboard to inspire a legacy of Tudor acting talent. Plus, it’s really a rather cool place to be!’.

We are hugely grateful to all those who contributed to the project.

Despite this programme of works, we still have school buildings which fall below the standard needed to inspire both staff and pupils to push themselves to the highest levels. The next phase of development at Tudor is the construction of a Teaching Centre.

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