Bursary Programme


At Tudor Hall we aim to ensure that financial constraints are never a barrier to prospective students and that all successful applicants to the school are able to take up their place irrespective of means. We believe that a great education is transformative and that by investing in the girls, we are, in a much broader sense, investing in the future.

Tudor Hall currently awards means-tested bursaries and other concessions ranging from 10% - 100% of annual fees together with additional support for essential extras for those receiving 100% bursaries. In 2018, this amounted to total concessions of over £1.2 million, a considerable investment for a school of our size.

Our ambition is to expand the bursary programme, enabling more talented and enthusiastic girls the opportunity to access a Tudor Hall education. With your help, we can make this a reality.

If you share our vision and would like to make a gift to the Bursary Fund, please complete and return the Gift Form.