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Tue Feb 09 2016

Thames Tapestry Project

The Ashmolean Museum hosted the first exhibition of the Thames Heritage Tapestry from 4 - 11 January 2012, a project run by The Millennium Tapestry Company in partnership with the Thames Heritage Trust.  On display was a 3 x 14m section of the tapestry made by children from schools across Oxfordshire and elsewhere along the River Thames.

The tapestry was made collaboratively by more than 200 schools along the river, from its source in Gloucestershire to the estuary at Southend-on-Sea. Each school completed a one metre square canvas depicting different aspects of the river in their own area. The end result was a multifaceted portrait of the Thames through the eyes of the children who live along its banks.

The Thames Heritage Tapestry is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the City Bridge Trust, the Ernest Cook Trust, the Oxfordshire Community Foundation, and many other trusts and organizations. The project has just been awarded the Inspire Mark by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Lizzie Owen, Chief Executive of The Millennium Tapestry Company, says, “The Thames Heritage Tapestry project is a totally joyful celebration of everything that makes the river so iconic. It is purely educational and wholly inclusive, providing everyone involved with a basis for acquiring new skills that will lead on to a lifelong learning adventure. We can’t wait to see the young people’s work displayed.”

Tudor Hall School submitted their tapestry at the end of the summer term. All of the current IIIs textile students completed a section of the tapestry using a variety of textile techniques. Mrs Hart was invited to take a few girls to attend the opening exhibition at the Ashmolean. 

P. Giffard-Moore and K. Ross were keen to see their year group's efforts in situ.