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Wed Feb 10 2016

Tudor girls thrill with chilling ‘Macbeth’


A group of Tudor girls performed an abridged version of ‘Macbeth’ at this year’s Shakespeare Schools’ Festival. The girls performed alongside three other local schools at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry on 7th October. The girls, directed by Mr. Christopher, were commended for their excellent understanding and delivery of Shakespeare’s language, and the concept for the production was praised for its originality.

Shakespear3This national festival, which has become a regular feature on the Tudor Hall calendar, aims to make Shakespeare more accessible to young people, and provides them with the opportunity to perform in a professional theatre. The Tudor girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the whole cast created a gripping production. Alice James and Tilly Rigby deserve a special mention for their focused portrayals of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.Shakespear2