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Thu Feb 11 2016

IIIs up Snowdon

On Sunday 18th March, 49 assorted fairies, cows, genies, pigs and superheroes from the IIIs assembled at Pen-y-Pass car park ready to begin their ascent of Mt Snowdon. The girls had collected sponsorship money which will go to the Make-A-Wish foundation - hence the crazy costumes!

The heavy rain which had been falling all night had thankfully eased off and everyone set out in good spirits and excellent voice. Making sure to stop for plenty of drink and snack breaks, the first group made it to the top in just under 3 hours, with resounding cries of “Oggy, oggy, oggy! OI! OI! OI!” echoing around the mountains. The weather held all day and it was gloriously sunny at times, although there was still snow on the summit. Every single one of the girls and staff made it all the way up and back down again – a really fantastic achievement.

The girls were brilliant; they worked really well as a team to encourage each other when the going got tough and there was no complaining, even when they were tired and their feet were sore. They will be collecting in their sponsorship money over Easter and we look on track to beat last year’s total of £2000, which is incredible.

Thank you to Mr Carine for organising it and to Mrs Macro and Mr Alway for giving up their weekend to accompany us. Well done, everyone!


Written by Miss Oatley & Miss Power