Talented writer wins short story competition 

English Aim Higher

We were delighted to hear that Hana in the IIIs (Year 9) won the Young Adult category in the Oxfordshire Libraries eBook Short Story competition.  Hana’s story, ‘The Fallen Angel’, described as a ‘zany fantasy adventure through modern life’ and a ‘wry satire on humanity and the modern world’ has been published as on the Oxfordshire libraries website for library users to download in eBook and eAudio format. 

Hana said, “I was in our garage one day and thought to myself, ‘the roof’s not looking too good these days, it looks as if someone’s fallen through it’ and then the idea for ‘The Fallen Angel’ happened.  It was such a lovely surprise to hear about my story [winning the competition]. It was really enjoyable writing it as a bit of fun, and having it recognised in this way is so nice.” 

Readers of this year’s Tudorian magazine will be able to enjoy Hana’s story in full, but for now, here’s a taster, taken from the scene where the story’s eponymous hero makes his first appearance: 

I turn around to an almighty crash.  To my absolute horror the roof now has a gigantic hole in it and debris (not to mention asbestos) is covering the floor.  Flinging my hand up to my mouth I rush over to where the thing that fell through my roof is.  I assume it’s a bomb but then realise it’s probably one of next-door neighbour Steve McCarthy’s new Nerf blasters.   “Oh my! I’m frightfully sorry, there seems to be an aperture in your roof,” someone says from beyond the rubble.  I shriek.  I’m still shrieking when the intruder speaks again. 

“Please, oh, please don’t be frightened, everything’s perfectly fine.”  The trespasser stands and I lurch for the baseball bat behind the door.  “Who the heck are you?” I frown, that’s not what I meant to say. “Who the heck are you? And what have you done, why can’t I swear?”  
“I often bestow upon people the inability to use expletives,” the Downton Abbey reject in my attic says with a guilty look. 





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