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Psychology Aim Higher

They may not be sitting in their classrooms, but Tudor students are still accessing a rich and stimulating curriculum, with staff finding all sorts of creative ways to help the girls keep learning during this lockdown period.  Last week our sixth form Psychology students attended an online webinar held by the Freud Museum titled ‘What does psychoanalysis have to say about schizophrenia?’.  Given by renowned psychoanalyst Haya Oakley, students learnt about the psychoanalytic approach to schizophrenia, and gained a new understanding of the treatment and experience of this complex condition. 

The girls left the webinar buzzing about what they had heard, and very positive about this online learning experience: 

 “I absolutely loved the webinar from Haya Okaley.” 

“It was amazing to hear real life accounts of people who she had worked with...” 

“I enjoyed her views on how we [make] psychiatrists and doctors the arbiters of reality, often without considering what the nature of reality is to a schizophrenic. She clearly pointed out that a schizophrenic often has a hugely different experience and view of the same world that we live in.” 

“My favourite of her discussion points was about how a schizophrenic may fail to feel the sense of embodiment that we take for granted. We never question whether we are somebody and a definitive person, whilst a schizophrenic has no such certainty. For them, nothing is defined.” 


With thanks to Jasmine Davis, Jasmine Tumilty and Polly Waters for their reflections on the webinar. 

Thanks too to the Freud Museum, London, for the webinar and also for the use of the image of Sigmund Freud's consulting room with his iconic couch, depicted here.

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