Inspiration at London exhibitions

Art Photography

The Art and Photography departments took all the senior artists and photographers from the Vs and sixth form (Years 11-13) to London to see a variety of exhibitions to inspire their creative minds having received their examination questions. 


The Vs started by learning about the anatomy of the human body looking at the extraordinary work of Gunther von Hagens in his Body Worlds exhibition.  Meanwhile the sixth form were hosted by Rob and Nicky Carter at the Groucho Club.  Nicky Carter (a Tudor parent as well as being part of the duo Rob and Nicky Carter who create amazing time lapse video art pieces based on 'Vanitas') has been responsible for curating the art collection at the Groucho Club for the last thirty years. Each member of the Groucho Club donates a piece of art work and the collection includes work by Peter Blake, Damien Hirst, Jenny Saville and Jonathan Yeo as well as Nicky and Rob Carter. The sixth form were given an exclusive tour of the collection which includes work from the 1980s onwards, a time when London was taking the art world by storm. Nicky Carter was fresh out of art school and used her knowledge to collect a diverse and innovative collection of contemporary art. The visit to the Groucho Club gave the Tudor girls an insight into the world of both an artist and a curator and how the two worlds can be combined.   


Everyone met up in the afternoon to attend the breath-taking exhibition of Bill Viola's work at the Royal Academy. Bill Viola is an installation artist who works mainly with time lapse videos depicting life, death and rebirth. The exhibition was juxtaposed with the stunning drawings of Michelangelo on similar themes.  It was fascinating to observe the work of two artists working centuries apart in completely different media but exploring these common themes. 


Sheila Craske (Head of Art)

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