Justine Hardy, Old Tudorian – Nanette Godfrey Memorial Lecture

Nanette Godfrey Lecture Series Events

Today’s Nanette Godfrey Memorial Lecture was delivered by Justine Hardy, Old Tudorian.

Justine’s run through evolutionary neuroscience was a salutary reminder that our brains pre-date Enlightenment notions of the rational mind. As animals, we are considerably, considerably, less rational than we give ourselves credit for and, as such, we need to treat the self-critical voices in our heads with caution. Understanding where these cycles of self-criticism have come from is the first step in regaining a sense of perspective on our lives.

Justine’s lecture was wholly enjoyable and utterly pertinent, especially as our students move towards the examination season. Yes, they are important and yes, there is plenty of revision to be done but, far more importantly, we need to maintain some perspective on the challenges of our lives.

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