MUNTH 2019


MUNTH 2019 - How Can the UN Fulfill it's Responsibility to Protect the Planet and its Citizens?

This year’s MUNTH will take place on the 30 November - 1 December 2019.

We will run 5 committees:

  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Youth
  • Environment
  • Special

Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email

The topics and links to briefing papers of each committee will be as follows:

Health Committee:
1. The Question of Antibiotic Resistance
2. The Question of Dealing with Malaria
3. The Question of The Impact of Pollution on Health

Youth Committee:
1. The Question of Educating the Future Generations about the Planet
2. The Question of Endangered Species
3. The Question of Equal Rights in Education

Human Rights Committee:
1. The Question of Rights of Climate Refugees
2. The Question of Rights of the Media and Protection of Journalists
3. The Question of the Rights of Prisoners

Environment Committee:
1. The Question of Coral Bleaching
2. The Question of Deforestation
3. The Question of Transnational Companies and Their Carbon Footprint

Special Committee:
1. The Question of Geo-Engineering
2. The Question of Renewable Energy


Saturday 30 November, 2019:

  • 09:00 start with Opening Ceremony
  • In committees debating three resolutions (at least one of the three will be about the environment)
  • Social in the evening with the theme of 'The Environment'

Sunday 1 December, 2019:

  • Debating a crisis in committees
  • Debating a crisis in General Assembly
  • Closing Ceremony, finishing by 14:00

Meals: both lunches, an evening meal and a few snacks will be provided

Please find below both the MUNTH Handbook 2019 and the MUNTH Delegate Information Form 2019.

MUNTH Handbook 2019
MUNTH Delegate Information Form 2019

Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email