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Cook Your Own Supper/Lunch

Girls in the IVs, Vs and LVI create and eat their own lunch or supper. They discover quick, colourful, inspiring recipe ideas using fresh and seasonal ingredients. The lessons are relaxed and fun and the girls learn how to understand about the creativity and enjoyment of food.

Cookery Club (Todds and IIs)

Students cook sweet and savoury dishes on alternate weeks, wash up after themselves and eat the fruits of their labour. Examples of dishes prepared and cooked are sausage rolls, Croque-Monsieur, flap jack, sweet and savoury muffins.

MFL Cookery and Culture

The club is a great opportunity for girls from Todd to IIIs to learn more about the culture of the countries in which the languages we teach at Tudor are spoken. They work and cook in mixed age groups which allow them to get to know girls from different classes in a fun and educational environment. They have had great fun cooking Spanish tortilla, French crêpes and German Christmas biscuits as well as doing treasure hunts and reading fairy tales.

Produce Club

Using the fruits around the school site we make jams, chutneys and apple pies and sell these at the Christmas Fair. We have also raised money for charities such as Water Aid. The club is now completely self-sufficient.