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Etching workshop

Once a week, during the Autumn and Spring terms, the Sixth Form have the opportunity to learn the process of zinc plate etching with Mrs Craske. The Fine Art group have used the opportunity to create extension work related to their figurative work based on Japonism and Orientalism, creating very decorative prints with a combination of techniques such as soft and hard grounds to apply textures to the zinc plates as well as the traditional dry point drawing technique. The club is open to all Sixth Form, regardless of whether they are studying Fine Art.

General Art Club

Is open to Todd to IIIs. Girls can do various activities relating to the arts in general. It is a great way of extending their interest in the arts and gives them the opportunity to do independent research and learn new skills.

Figure Drawing

The LVI and UVI Textile and Fine Art girls create figure drawings with Mrs. Craske in the Autumn and Spring terms. term. Girls from the Sixth Form have been sitting for the group to raise money for various ventures.

Art Detectives

Girls have the opportunity to learn about art and architecture in a fun and exciting way. We look at pictures, step through time and explore the lives of the old masters, play art-related games as well as creating miniature models of famous buildings. 


Ceramics club is aimed at laying the technical foundations of using clay. Members are challenged with different hand-building techniques and are introduced to various methods of using moulds. They are shown a wide range of decorating styles and techniques which they can explore further.

Once they have mastered the basics of clay work, pupils are encouraged to design their own work and experiment with the materials, working towards a self-determined goal.

Design and Technology

Senior Tech Club

GCSE and A Level students have the opportunity to carry out extra work on their examination projects and to experiment with new processes and manufacturing techniques, such as laminating veneers,
steam bending and wood turning products.

Junior Tech Club

This club is open to girls in Todd to IIIs. Projects have included making sets of tiled coasters, storage boxes, creating wooden corkboards and crafting acrylic Christmas decorations. There is the opportunity for girls to catch up with any practical work that they have missed in lessons and to experience new techniques and crafting skills.


Photography club is a relaxed way to become comfortable with handling a digital SLR camera. Members are encouraged to develop their own curiosity by trying to emulate professional photography. Small tasks are set to get the girls used to the principles of photography and a range of key camera accessories. They will also be exposed to digital manipulation through Photoshop but still with an emphasis on in-camera effects.

The photography department has a number of SLRs which can be used by the girls attending each week. As the year progresses, the more serious photographers will be introduced to specific areas of photography, such as close-ups or lighting.

Upcycle Club

This club is designed for Todd to IIIs. You can bring your old, worn clothes or fabric to turn them into something new, or ‘upcycled’ . If it’s a new pencil case or scarf that you want, then all you need is some added enthusiasm as we have lots of fabric scraps in the Textiles department. Whether you just want to brush up on some sewing skills or alter a dress to suit a new season, then come along!