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Animal Encounters Club

This is an exciting, hands-on, interactive animal handling session run during the second half of the Autumn term. A mother and daughter team, Jeanette and Tegan, bring in a different selection of their animals each week, ranging from mammals, snakes and lizards to invertebrates. Being a former teacher, Jeanette is able to show the students how to care for the different animals and handle them confidently. She also shares interesting facts and knowledge about the animals such as how lizards use Van der Waals forces between their feet and a surface in order to hold on and how this is now being replicated in research so people could potentially scale buildings. The club is open to all ages and to anyone who has an interest in animals.

BA Flag Award (Spanish, French and German)

The British Airways Flag club prepares girls for the BA Flag Award with the aim of promoting language for use in practical situations. Currently it is offered to students of French, German and Spanish from the IVs upwards. At weekly sessions students learn how to manage customer service situations such as being an air hostess, working at the tourist office or in the theatre and manage with customer queries in the target language. At the end of the course, they take a test and receive a certificate and badge from British Airways. It is a good programme for developing oral and listening skills and to show future employers or universities commitment to language learning.

Classics Club

This club is for those intrigued by the ancient world. Through various different activities they can find out about the myths and the gods, what the Romans ate, the exploits of the different emperors and how people lived in Greece and Rome.

Discussion Drinks

Every term, two year groups from the IVs to the UVI meet in groups to discuss a chosen topic. Topics can be as diverse as:

  • The Obesity Crisis
  • What is Art?
  • A Comparison between ancient and modern architecture
  • Is History a science or an art?
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier – a racist or misunderstood?
  • De-extinction

There are also opportunities to visit the theatre and external lectures.

Dissection Club

This is an exciting, sometimes gory and always engaging club open to all years. We look at organs and entire organisms. So far we have dissected rats, hearts, squid, eyes and brains. This club is great for expanding the knowledge of the budding scientist!

Doughnut Discussion

This is a weekly event in which all A Level Biologists get together and discuss something of a biological nature. It can be a presentation put forward by a girl, a selection of video clips or it can be something entirely different. Every week a selection of treats is made available usually featuring chocolate mini-rolls!

English Clubs

English at Tudor is a dynamic subject with a real buzz about it. Our theatre trips are inclusive, allowing students from all years with a declared interest in the subject to attend and discuss literature and ideas. A good range of clubs and activities are offered, whether it be exploring Romanticism or Modernism for the first time in our weekly lunchtime club, or if they are relaxing with a mocktail and reading Ian Fleming or “Hamlet” at one of the special events we run during the evening.

Fun French

Our French Assistant runs this club. Students are encouraged to speak French as much as possible during the session while playing French games. Tea is offered to the students during each session.

German and Spanish Socials

Sixth form linguists team up with their counterparts at boys schools to practise their linguistic skills and learn about the culture. Recent events have included Spanish discussions followed by a salsa lesson and speed dating in French.

German Club

Students learn about the culture of the German-speaking countries through activities like cookery, crafts and cultural research.

Greek Club

This club gives girls the opportunity to explore more of the ancient world by learning Classical Greek. No prior knowledge is necessary and girls can practise their linguistic skills and learn more about Classical Greece as they learn the language.

Junior Mathletes

A fun and informal way of tackling Maths questions. This club is open to all girls in Todd to the IIIs. We look beyond the curriculum and do activities like maths treasure hunts. We also enter competitions as a team, such as the National Cipher Challenge at Southampton and UKMT Team Maths Challenge.

Junior Science

Junior Science is based around fun and very messy scientific activities. The year started with a Biological Scavenger Hunt, complete with prizes for the winners, followed by a range of other activities including flying eggs, making 3-D glasses, bath bombs, alien blood, fizz pop rockets and monster bubbles.

Language Leaders

This weekly club is open to girls in the UVI who study languages. The aim is to help students develop leadership and team work skills. During the first term, students learn to teach language lessons and practise delivering lessons to each other. They also carry out a small research project in the target language culture and present it to the group. In the second term, in small groups, they lead a languages event such as a cookery session and teach a lesson at Tudor and at a local primary school. Throughout the course, they complete a log book of their experience and receive a certificate at the end. Many students refer to the award on their UCAS forms.

Latin Club (Todd)

This is a Sixth Form led club. Upper school Latinists create fun games directed at girls in Todd. Activities have included revising Latin vocab, learning about Greek and Roman myths as well as life in Ancient Pompeii.


Mandarin is a private lesson, which girls can opt for. The teacher comes from the organisation ‘Dragons in Europe’. Girls work towards an appropriate qualification. Recently, students have worked at Common Entrance level and Asset Languages Breakthrough level.


Our programme extends into the GCSE years, where interested students meet regularly to sharpen their skills of logical and lateral thought. Recent topics have included: ‘What would happen if, overnight, cars were able to run on water?’ and ‘How should Apple spend its billions?’

In addition to the school’s lecture programme, these students are also invited to hear additional visiting speakers, such as the recent talk on life in Burma. Furthermore, they also experience additional cultural and intellectual events, such as theatrical performances, film screenings and external lectures.

We run bespoke events in Oxford to inspire and inform. One recent event saw our students spending a day at Trinity, Lincoln and Merton colleges and enjoying the magnificent buildings, not least Merton’s medieval Upper Library.

We host events for other schools, including workshops on interview technique and general access events, delivered by the University of Oxford.

In the Lower Sixth, applicants also attend weekly Critical Thinking classes, and every aspect of their Oxbridge application is scrutinised and supported.

Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club is the place to come and discuss big ideas! We talk about current affairs, famous philosophers and key moral issues. Some examples of topics we have discussed this term include the ethics of eating meat, should free speech be limited and the death penalty.

Physics with Tea

A level physics students chat about science in the news, solve thinking problems and eat cake! This is a chance to wind down and explore what you are interested in.

Senior Mathletes

Come and solve some tricky problems and enjoy both the satisfaction of rising to the challenge and the taste of some delicious cookies! The problems will often involve applying and extending the algebra skills learned in the classroom and will significantly improve your IGCSE mathematical skills.

Spanish Film Club

This club runs one Friday evening each half-term in Inglis and is open to Vs and Sixth Formers. A range of contemporary Spanish or Latin American films are shown in a range of genres. Chocolate or popcorn is also on offer!

Spanish G&T Club

The Club meets once a week and is tailored to suit the girls who attend. It aims to extend their Spanish beyond the curriculum and introduces them to aspects of Spanish culture that they would like to find out more about. This year, for example, we have studied some Spanish poetry and looked at lots of tricky grammar points in order to learn about the subtleties of the language. It is ideal for those who want to really push themselves in this exciting language.

Spanish (IIIs' Conversation Club)

Using songs, role plays, games and real life scenarios, this lively club will equip you with the basics to communicate in Spanish and to use language in a variety of social and holiday situations. The emphasis is on speaking and listening. Prior knowledge is advisable but not essential; just bring your good humour along.

Spanish (Sixth Form Oral Clubs)

UVI Spanish Oral Club

With an emphasis on oral exam practice and lots of fun, we cover topics like the environment, the impact of technology in the home and workplace, or we discuss ethical issues linked to scientific progress.

LVI Spanish Oral Club

In a relaxed atmosphere and with an emphasis on fun and learning, we explore how to develop strategies which will enable students to tackle the hottest topical news such as fashion, TV viewing habits and preferences, the cinema, family relationships and partnerships amongst others.